Threat Center Security News 150 bug fixes bundled in new Chrome version
150 bug fixes bundled in new Chrome version Print E-mail
Written by Rebecca Mints   
Wednesday, 11 March 2009 00:38

Google Chrome browser has a new updated version that fixes more than 150 issues and wipes out crash and stability bugs.

Google published the bug fixes on Monday in its blog post but its latest update as of March 6 noted that a new feature bundled in Chrome has been withdrawn.

“We didn't point out that the 'New window in profile' option has been removed. We want to take this feature back to the drawing board before releasing it,” said Jonathan Conradt, engineering program manager.

The new version of Chrome was released on Friday, with updated features such as NTLM authentication without automatic logon, remote desktop and Vista theme changes, new French and Polish dictionaries and better support for PAC files and use of V8 to process them.

Some of the fixes highlighted in the blog post are improvements of the browser to allow full screen mode and crash and stability fixes. Conradt also said that Chrome's experimental features such as the “New window in profile” are still available by starting Google Chrome with the –enable-udd-profiles-- switch.


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